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About Eternal Flame

Eternal Flame is currently recruiting for our 10-30m Weekend Raiding Team (raids may occur during midweek also). We should be able to accommodate every class/spec at the moment and the "Currently Recruiting" section on the website is what we are seeking as a priority. If you're good enough you can always apply. Note that our SoO progression in page is wrong, we have changed our name from Rampant Grow (You can view the page).

Our raid days are primarily 20.00 CET -23.00 CET during weekends. Goal is Friday/Saturday during Legion launch for a period, while Sunday will be permanent raid day. We occasionally run Alt raids on other days but these wont take place early in Legion. Please ensure you are online at least five-ten minutes before the raid starts as invites will usually start ten minutes before raid.

Who are we?

- Most members are from a guild called Eternities Flame in Argent Dawn - a guild created at the launch of Cataclysm. Most of us have known each other for around two to four years. Since we moved to Magtheridon in Warlords of Draenor we have a large mix of social players.

Guild's Progress

-t11 12/12 Normal
-t12 7/7 Normal 1/7 HC
-t13 8/8 HC and Glory
-t14 16/16 N 4/6 MSV HC
-t15 4/13 HC
-t16 4/14 HC
-t17 7/7 HC and 10/10 HC
-t18 13/13 N, 13/13 HC, 1/13 Mythic

What is our goal in Legion?

- Our goal is to have fun while raiding and playing WoW. Many of us are online throughout the day and we have a Discord server where some members are also online so you can chat while enjoying the game. We are not hardcore but we do like regular progression and expect people to listen and learn. Fun will always be first priority, this is after all a video game.

Why would you join us?

- We can offer you a stable guild, full of mature and friendly players allowing for a relaxed raiding atmosphere.

What do we expect from you?

- A good understanding of the game and your character/spec.

- A good attitude, able to wipe on a boss and still keep your focus, taking criticism and improving on your mistakes.

- Commitment, we understand that from time to time you just cant make a raid which is fine(but you should give information about the situation to officers at least one day before the raid), however we prefer not to over recruit so we need applicants to be able to raid on the three days mentioned above.

- Competitive, we want players who strive to be the best and play to their fullest meaning your character is optimized with best enchants and the means to come to raids fully prepared with the best consumables. 

For more information please contact us ingame on Magtheridon-EU.
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